KISWCD is a Development focused Training Institution without any Governmental, Religious or political affiliation. Empowerment of the community through training and management is the basic foundation of the Institution.    More..
Opening date

As we usher in the new year (2016) and as we start a new semester, KISWCD family wishes to welcome you ALL. To our NEW and ONGOING students;

  1. The classes begin on 5th January 2016.
  2. We shall be having orientation for the new students on 15th January 2016.
  3. There will be a prayer day on 22nd January 2016
  4. The CAT for the ongoing units will be done on 29th January 2016.

KISWCD has been Registered by KNDI

As Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development strives to offer quality training in, Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics Management, we are happy to announce that KISWCD is now registered by the Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute. Out of this new development, it is our sincere hope that our students will put more efforts in their studies in order to Excel in their academics and be able to secure good jobs in the area of their profession after their studies.

Short courses

The Kenya Institute of Social Work has introduced free training workshops

The main objective is to train as many people as possible in selected short courses so that they can go out there and empower the community.


(Weekday Programmes)

Course Time
  1. Small Business Start-Up Skills [For Youths Eligible for UWEZO Funds]
  2. Project Proposal Development, Writing and Presentation Skills
  3. TOT /TOF Workshop
  4. Customer Care and Communication skills
  5. Management of NGOs and CBOs
3rd Feb
7th Feb
Course Time
  1. Participatory Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects [PAME]
  2. Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Skills
  3. Social Research Skills and Methods
  4. HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, Counseling and Support
  5. Logistics and Procurement Management Skills
10th Feb
14th Feb
Course Time
  1. Effective Report Writing and Presentation Skills
  2. Management of Workplace Stress
  3. Transport and Road Safety Management Skills
  4. Project Management Skills
  5. Effective Leadership & Devolved Governance Skills
17th Feb
21st Feb
Course Time
  1. Strategic Planning and management Skills
  2. Professional Public Relations Skills
  3. Change Management
  4. Effective Counseling Skills
  5. Occupational Health and Safety Training
  6. Nutritional Health & Dietetics Management
24th Feb
28th Feb

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