We provide comprehensive information about Library resources and services, links to some electronic resources for the benefit of staff and students, and many other links that can be accessed to freely Internet resources that we think will be useful to our Library users. You can also find Library policy here.

The library has a stock holding of over 10,000 volumes of books in a wide range of subjects. These include core textbooks and supplementary texts. Academic journals, periodicals, government publications, research reports, projects, audio and video material and newspapers also form part of the collection. These resources are available in print and electronic formats.

In addition, the library subscribes to JSTOR e- journals. The stock is divided into general lending materials and specialized research collections for library use only. We stock modern and up to date books mainly in our core business areas; Social work, Sociology, Community health, Environment, Community development, Human Resource Management, Purchasing and Supplies Management, Counselling, Economics, Leadership, Communication and Business Management, Leadership and Communication.
KISWCD has a library at its main campus. KISWCD library, has a seating capacity of 120 students.
KISWCD library collaborates with like minded institutions in resource sharing such as World Bank.  The university library subscribes to academic journals and e-books in various disciplines.

We also have a stock of Law books, Geography, History, Kiswahili and literature to provide a wider range of general knowledge.
Over the years the Institute has built up a rich collection of social science literature and related material. On an average we add to our stacks about 1000 volumes a year.

The primary role of our library is to assist its users in the process of transforming information to Knowledge. The information on this web page is an introduction to the library facility, giving information that is essential for effective use of its resources. If you encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to seek for assistance and guidance from the library staff.

To be a leading centre of excellence in providing information resources and library services.

To satisfy Information needs of our library users through the provision of relevant up-to-date information resources and services


  • To continuously expand capacity to facilitate institutions core business of teaching and learning.
  • To acquire and manage relevant information resources and provide information services to the KISWCD community.
  • Facilitate dissemination and presentation of knowledge.
  • Train users on information literacy skills in order to facilitate full exploitation of information resources.
  • Provide adequate and conducive environment for all library users.


  • Books, Videos, DVDs & CDs
  • Government publications
  • Journals and magazines
  • Online journals
  • Past examination papers
  • Research papers
  • Reference Collection of dictionaries, encyclopedias, wordbooks, world Guinness book.

Library books are classified by the Library of Congress Classification scheme and subject headings. An outline of the subject headings is displayed in the library. Please study it

Our library is subscribed to JSTOR electronic journals.

The library is in the process of migrating to KOHA Open Source Integrated Library System (ILS). This will extensively improve access and security of library resources.

Day Time
Monday – Friday 8.00am – 8.30 pm
Saturday 8.00am – 1.00 pm
Sunday and public holidays Closed


Open to staff and students of KISWCD as defined in the Library Rules and Regulations. Non – members may use the library, whereupon a fee shall be charged for registration. All registered users shall be required to obtain clearance before they leave the College.

Number of information materials that can be borrowed by different category of users

Category No. of Books Loan Period
Academic staff 4 books 7 days
Students 2 books 7 days
Non-academic Staff 2 books 7 days

The following shall be eligible to become members of the Library:

  1. All KISWCD students, academic, research and non-teaching staff.
  2. Visiting researchers and members of other institutions on recommendation by management of the institution.
  3. Non Members may register to use the library subject to paying membership fee.

Application for Membership
Application for membership shall be made on a prescribed form available in the library.


  1. Membership
    The following shall be eligible to become members of the Library
  • All KISWCD students, academic, and non-teaching staff.
  • Non Members of the Institute may register to use the library subject to paying the required membership fee as prescribed in the library rules and regulation.
  1. Application for Membership
    Application for membership shall be made on a prescribed form available in the library.
  2. Conduct
  • Smoking, eating, drinking, and any other misconduct which is a nuisance to other users is prohibited.
  • Writing, defacing or damaging library materials is prohibited.
  • All users should comply with safety regulations displayed on library notice boards
  • Seats may not be reserved
  • Overcoats and bags brought into the library must be deposited in the designated area.
  • Library materials or personal effects left unattended in the reading area may be removed by library staff.
  • The college shall not be held liable for loss or damage of personal effects left by users in any part of the library.
  • No person shall enter or leave the library except via authorized entrance and exit points
  • Any member of the library staff may require any person leaving the library to establish that library materials in his/her possession have been properly borrowed.
  1. Borrowing
  • Application to borrow library materials must be made at the circulation desk by the borrower
  • The following materials may not be borrowed except under special conditions as the institute Librarian may determine:
    1. Books and journals classified as reference.
    2. Current journals.
    3. Books in the reserve section.
    4. Any other materials as the librarian may determine
  • The Librarian may withhold or restrict the circulation of any library materials in the library or transfer from one part of the library to another as circumstances may dictate.
  • No library materials may be borrowed beyond the library control point unless it has been duly issued at the Circulation Desk.
  • A borrower remains responsible for any library material on loan as longs as the loan record remains unchanged.
  • Borrowers are responsible for protecting any library material in their possession against damage and must report to the Librarian any loss or damage of materials.
  • Materials borrowed overnight from the Short Loan Collection must be returned to the library on or before 8:00 am

Computer Laboratory

The Information Computer Technology Department operates one computer lab. The laboratory caters for evening, day and Distance Learning. It has over 20 modern computers.



Nutrition and Health Laboratory

KISWCD has a well equipped Nutrition and Health Laboratory that caters for practical needs of the students in those departments. This adequately prepares the students for their KNEC exams as well as job market. The Lab holds a capacity of 20 students. It is located within the campus. The lab has enough cooking, storage and serving facilities as well as room for service.

Conference Room

KISWCD has a conference room. The conference facility is well equipped for training, workshops and seminars. It can accommodate large number of participants to a capacity of 40.