HIV/AIDS is a global problem effecting communities and nations all over the world. HIV/AIDS Management has been developed in response to continued requests from the industry, from students and from universities for a course that enhances understanding of the impact that HIV/AIDS virus has on a local community and and tackles complex themes and issues that affect millions of people worldwide. A career in HIV/AIDS management will be rewarding and challenging and will involve liaising with national and international governments, global NGO’s and charitable organizations as well as addressing the very real needs of a local community faced with such issues.

HIV/AIDS Management focuses on the necessity of successful management in communities affected by HIV/AIDS. With units addressing social and financial development, community empowerment and community development, the student will gain a unique understanding of the relevant issues regarding the management of HIV/AIDS including effective use of resources and education as well as the social response to HIV/AIDS.

The ABMA course, HIV/AIDS Management, is structured across three Diploma levels providing the student with skills and knowledge from a basic understanding of the issues through to an advanced level and an operational and managerial approach to dealing with HIV/AIDS problems. This enables the student to work within a variety of professional disciplines such as international development, health and social care. A career in HIV/AIDS management will give the individual a significant role to play in the fight against HIV/AIDS in their local community, their nation and the wider global community.



ADHIV 6001:     HIV/AIDS Management 1
ADHIV 6002:     Community Development
ADHIV 6003:     Health and Nutrition Education
ADHIV 6004:     Population, Poverty and Human Development
ADHIV 6005:     Synopsis


ADHIV 6006:     HIV/AIDS Management 2
ADHIV 6007:     Social and Corporate Responsibilities
ADHIV 6008:     Counseling and Social Work
ADHIV 6009:     Responding to HIV/AIDS
ADHIV 6010:     Synopsis


ADHIV 6011:     HIV/AIDS Management 3
ADHIV 6012:     Project Management
ADHIV 6013:     UNAIDS Policy, Organization and Initiatives
ADHIV 6014:     Legal Framework
ADHIV 6015:     Dissertation


  • A degree from recognized university
  • Passed Diploma in HRM.
  • Equivalent qualification