The main objective of our Executive Training programmes is to empower as many people as possible in the selected short courses so as to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in their work place.

JANUARY PTMC 33 Participatory Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects 6th Jan – 10th Jan Jan 11/18/25/1st Feb
PTMC 24 Financial Management  for NGOs and CBOs 13th Jan-17th Jan Jan 11/18/25/1st Feb
PTMC 36 Effective Report Writing  and Presentation Skills 20th Jan – 24th Jan Jan 11/18/25/1st Feb
PTMC 11 Peace,  Conflict Management  and Reconciliation Skills 27th Jan -31st Jan Jan 11/18/25/1st Feb
FEBRUARY PTMC 44 Logistics and Procurement Management Skills 3rd Feb – 7th Feb Feb 8/15/22/29
PTMC 28 HIV/AIDS Prevention , Care, Counseling and Support 10th Feb -14th Feb Feb 8/15/22/29
PTMC 29 Drugs and Substance Abuse, Prevention and Rehabilitation skills 17th Feb – 21st Feb Feb 8/15/22/29
PTMC 02 Training of Trainers/Facilitators workshop 24th Feb -28th Feb Feb 8/15/22/29
MARCH PTMC 27 Counseling Skills Development 2nd March  – 6th March March  7/14/21/28
PTMC 32 Proposal Development, Writing and Presentation Skills 9th March -13th March March  7/14/21/28
PTMC 09 Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Skills 16th March -20st March March  7/14/21/28
PTMC 23 Child Care and Protection Skills 23rd March -27th March March  7/14/21/28
PTMC 42 Professional Public Relations Skills 30th March -3rd  April March  7/14/21/28
APRIL PTMC 01 Effective Leadership Skills Development 6th  April – 10th April April 4/11/18/25
PTMC 38 Customer Care and Communication Skills 13th April-17th April April 4/11/18/25
PTMC 31 Project Management Skills 20th April- 24th  April April 4/11/18/25
PTMC 15 Community Nutrition Assessment Skills 27th April- 1st  May April 4/11/18/25
MAY PTMC 46 Occupational Health and Safety Training Skills 4th May – 8th May May 2/9/16/23
PTMC 43 Strategic Planning  and Management Skills 11th May-15th  May May 2/9/16/23
PTMC 20 Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Management Skills 18th May-22nd  May May 2/9/16/23
PTMC 37 Business Start Up skills 25th May-29th May May 2/9/16/23
JUNE PTMC 36 Effective Report Writing  and Presentation Skills 1st June -5th June June 6/13/20/27
PTMC 44 Logistics and Procurement Management Skills 8th  June-12th  June June 6/13/20/27
PTMC 38 Customer Care and Communication Skills 15th June-19th June June 6/13/20/27
PTMC 31 Project Management Skills 22nd June- 26th June June 6/13/20/27
PTMC 42 Professional Public Relations Skills 29th June – 3rd  July June 6/13/20/27

Why train with us?

  • Affordable learning – The training fees has been set at a competitive level to make the training accessible to all.
  • Conducive study environment – Kenya Institute of Social Work is easily accessible from Nairobi City Centre and easily accessible from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.
  • Library – We have one of the best libraries, fully equipped and computer catalogued.
  • Non – discrimination – the institute does not practice any form of discrimination in regard to gender, colour, race, tribe, religion or nationality.
  • Personalized attention – Only a small group of participants are recruited in each course to allow for personalized attention and assistance.
  • Qualified members of staff – our lecturers hold very high qualifications in the category of Bachelors and Master and Professional Certificates in their areas of specialization.
  • Regional reach – KISWCD is a reputable Training Institute with students from all over the world.
  • Staff experience – Our professional Trainers are well versed in their areas of specialization and are current in the latest education and training skills. They are practical oriented.
  • Teaching Methodology – We use the most modern way of data presentation using the Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • We are a Centre of Excellence in Social Work and Community Development in Kenya

The training courses will run for five (5) days (Monday – Friday) from 8.30am – 4.00pm.

Southern House, Nairobi, Kenya

Participants will be required to pay Kshs 10,000 for each course. ALL participants will be provided with Tea, Training Materials and a Certificate of Training.

Chief Executive Officers, Managers of NGOs, Program and Project Managers, Senior Technical Staff in Central and Local Governments, Senior Managers in other development related institutions with the need to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Select a course of study from the 21 Professional courses in our menu.
  • Make your payment of Kshs 10,000 or 100  USD
  • Either through MPESA – PAYBILL No: 902601

Account: Your Full Names

Bank: Co-operative Bank of Kenya
Account Name: Kenya Institute of Social Work
Branch: Moi Avenue
Account No. 01120039917702

The Training Coordinator,
Professional Training & Management Centre
Kenya Institute of Social Work
Tel: +254 713 844 333
Email: trainingcoordinator@kiswcd.co.ke
Website: www.kiswcd.co.ke