New and Prospective Students

KISWCD is ‘a hub of excellence’ focused on nurturing talents. Our training is focused on helping KISWCD graduates attain mental, spiritual, social, psychological and physical growth. The College combines modern facilities with a dynamic approach to training and research. KISWCD has highly qualified academic staffs who offer rigorous training.

The College has one library within its main Campus that has a rich collection of books, local and international journals and magazines, CD databases, videos, DVDs and a host of electronic resources.

Students have the opportunity to engage in numerous extra-curricular activities such as giving back to the community through community service. Students associations and clubs and departments also frequently organize fun activities such as week, trips and retreats.
KISWCD coordinates sports and twice in a year. Existing sports and recreation activities include ball games and athletics.

Student Life
The mission of student life aspect is to encourage students grow physically, socially, spiritually, ethically so that they may be prepared to adequately influence their world as community servants. This is through: clubs, prayer days, guided Code of Conduct, Counseling Sports and Cultural Activities.

Most of our students are accommodated at YMCA and other privately owned hostels which are a walking distance to the college and very affordable. Meals are served at the hostels. However students have options of making their own arrangements if they do not want the hostel meals.  The hostels have recreational facilities such as soccer, basketball, volleyball courts and recreational center for various indoor games and entertainment. Note that the hostels do not belong to the college.

International and Distance Leaning Students

The International and Distance Learning Students Office advocates for the special concerns of international and distance learning students, raises and maintains awareness of their issues within KISWCD, and promotes the spiritual, social and professional development of the students. In case of Visas and Pupils passes, the principal’s office oversees the process and assists where necessary.

KISWCD gets students across Africa including Malawi, DRC Congo, Zambia, Somaliland, Australia, Burundi, Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda, Nigeria among others. The Office provides an in-depth orientation programme that exposes the exchange students to the culture of Kenya through field trips and Home visits in Kenya. Such visits to children’s homes etc provides exchange students with an opportunity to experience learning in an African context, build relationships with African students, appreciate Africa’s rich cultural values and develop a deeper faith in God.

Fees structure and financial aid options 

KISWCD tuition and other charges are modest, especially when compared to the costs in other Colleges offering similar programmes. The College keeps costs low to enable every member of community get a chance to study.
Students also have several financial aid options, as listed below.

Scholarships/ Bursaries
The College is keenly aware that there are many qualified and deeply committed prospective students from poor families.  It therefore deliberately raises scholarship funds for needy students. KISWCD scholarships are only meant for very need students.  The student must secure additional funding from family, friends, employer, church, NG CDF or private sources. The student must follow scholarships/ bursaries application procedures

Community Service

KISWCD strives to empower Businesses, Organizations and the Community by organizing field trips which provide an opportunity to give back to the society. These visits are organized at the department level and are avenues for effective interaction between students and the “community.”